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Could It Really Be? Only Working A Few Hours A Week And Still Earn Well?

Internet entrepreneur Karel Emck took the test.

In two years time he re-established his life according to the latest insights in the field of time management and by making the internet work for him.

The goal? Freedom!

  • Freedom to work whenever you want.
  • Freedom to work wherever you want.
  • Freedom to do what you like to do.

Now the balance can be made and the answer is YES.
It's possible! There is a roadmap. There is a way to a different way of life.


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The Experiment

In his book Road to Freedom, Karel reports on his '4-hour work week experiment'.

Road to Freedom consists of two parts:
In part 1, Karel takes you with him on his 4-hour working week.
What steps did he have to take to achieve his goal? Which obstacles did he encounter?

In part 2, Karel reports on his 6-month road trip through the USA: the 4-hour work week in practice.
This book is a must read when you want to take control yourself and want to shape your life according to your own wishes. The Road to Freedom inspires you to work smarter, do more in less time and also earn a lot more.

And who doesn’t want that?


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Who Is This Book For?

Are you:
  • an entrepreneur who wants to scale up to a million dollar company?
  • a busy manager who works too much?
  • an employee with an overflowing mailbox or with the dream to become an entrepreneur?
  • someone who likes to travel and wants to work under the palm trees?
  • a freelancer who likes to combine work with seas of free time?

In short, this book is valuable for anyone who wants to achieve more results with less work.

And who doesn’t want that?

About The Author Karel Emck

Karel Emck (1967) works, among other things, as a trainer in the IT world and in the field of smarter working. As a 'serial' internet entrepreneur and pioneer he devises and develops new concepts over and over again. At least when he’s not traveling. His biggest hobby.


But Don't Just Take My Word For It…

Road to Freedom was published in The Netherlands in 2017 in Dutch. A few reviews of Dutch readers have been translated to give a glimpse of what to expect.
  • What a fantastic book! As an independent contractor that loves to travel, the book title immediately appealed to me greatly. Extremely recognizable: wanting to do everything by yourself, not using your time efficiently whatsoever, etc. I found myself underlining quite a number of Karel’s home truths and wrote them down afterward as hints to myself. It does offer a distinctively different view on entrepreneurship I will definitely benefit from. Thanks for opening my eyes, Karel: there really is another way! Kim Nelissen
  • I just finished the book and I must say I truly enjoyed it. Everyone who’s read the four-hour workweek wonders whether it applies to them as well. Now someone in the Netherlands has finally dared to try it and managed to actually succeed. The great thing about Karel’s book is that he is very open and honest about his fears. Tim Ferris is considered to be a superman that doesn’t know fear, whilst Karel indicates there are plenty of thrilling moments in your ‘escape from the office’ mission. The best part is the story that involves the bears. The book enthralls you and takes you on a journey throughout the USA which can be considered an adventure on its own. Karel, thanks for all of your motivation and the inspiration you have shared with us. Mohamed Chaleh
  • What a surprisingly fun and educational book! Smooth read with plenty of humor dotted across it. Incredibly amazing and useful tips to efficiently manage your time, even if you don’t strive toward a four-hour workweek. In many aspects a very inspiring read! Monique
  • When listening to music, sometimes you’re into it from the very first bar. The same goes for the Road to Freedom book by Karel Emck. The ‘road’ Karel embarked on in order to establish an automatic business by means of internet marketing, is very recognizable. I know said road, which is why the book sort of reads like my own personal journey. The book also contains a giant ‘public’ secret, namely the 80-20 rule. If you contemplate this rule for just a moment every day, it will yield time, health and happiness, not to mention the financial interest you can achieve thanks to said rule. The travel stories accurately represent the obstacles and rewards you encounter during your journey. In short, a beautiful and valuable book I read from start to finish in less than a week. Martin van Alem
  • I am often left with a so-called ‘And now what?’ feeling after I have finished the last page of a book that solely describes theories. I pretty much finished Karel’s book in one go. It is a good read, is well written and the description of how he applies the theory in practice really appeals to me. People that have been looking into this subject for a while will undoubtedly recognize many of the statements he refers to. Nevertheless, it’s always good to be reminded and placing said statements in the context of daily life is a real eye opener from time to time. Karel does not only describe what he did right, he is also brave enough to openly talk about his weak points, which makes the story even more recognizable. After a reboot of my own I’m still in the working stage in my company but from the get go, building my company as a subsequent step was an essential part of the ‘design’ with the starting point of course being Eliminate, Automate and Delegate. Travelling is great but I could not imagine that travel would become my daily activity in case of a 4-hour workweek. I’d prefer to put a number of 4-hour workweeks next to each other so I can build several companies. Karel, thanks a lot for your book. I’m going to promote it for sure. The 12 million pictures and videos will remain untouched for the time being.  Harro
  • I thought the title was quite triggering so I ordered it immediately. Whilst reading the book, I discovered that a 4-hour week is not achieved that easily. You need to shift things, work less or let other people do the work. That was a giant discovery to me. It made me finish the book, which I rarely do. It gives me new insights to have more time for what is the most important in my life. Freedom, adventure and not being swallowed up by the stress of a job. The adventure made it even more clear and more fun so I could start my enterprise with even more focus. Jurgen Hildering
  • Karel Emck’s book is a very valuable addition to Timothy Ferris’s book (the 4-hour workweek) though I would advise to read both books. Karel describes HOW he tackled some things and manages to describe this better than Timothy does. Do not expect any magic tricks, but instead get ready for ideas that will help you arrange your life more intelligently. Normally I don’t express my satisfaction in regard to books by means of a review but I did consider the book valuable enough to make an exception this one time. It’s also quite nice to read how Karel spends his life after implementing his ‘road to freedom’. During his travels in the USA he experiences a couple of special encounters and visits places that are often skipped by mass tourism. Jos
  • It is pretty much impossible to stop once you start reading, especially because of the humorous self-reflection on both the own 4-hour-workweek principle and the adventures on the road. Not to mention the ‘failures’ and how Karel dealt with those. That process is undoubtedly more valuable than most business step books. At the same time, food for thought for your own company. Did I EAD enough (Karel turns it into a verb)? As they would say in the States: Recommendation, period. Ted Daamen (
  • Read it in one go despite not being the most avid reader. Ambitious entrepreneurs, pay attention! Do you want to get those butterflies in your stomach like something massive is about to happen whilst reading a book? Like this could be the affirmation of your route or turn out to be a whole new route? Read it! Even if you don’t get inspired, you will at least be entertained by how well written this book is. Laura
  • First and foremost, super intelligent promotion to offer 5,000 books at just the shipping rate. A crowd-pleasing technique plenty of entrepreneurs could learn from! About the book: the first part gave me the insight that it ‘is really possible’. I started reading the 4-hour workweek again. Last year I did not particularly ‘believe’ it, nowadays all the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly (and there are quite a number of pieces). Fantastic how Karel looks for smart actions in all aspects, including his personal chef. Brilliant! I personally thoroughly enjoyed reading the second part about the road trip. It reads fast and does not really contain a lot of tips & tricks but the dry sense of humor and the visual language made for a great and relaxing read. The insights (Miami and post the ‘4 months milestone’) were very educational. In summary: a definite must-read! If you really want to get going, opt for the bonus package. It will teach you actually practical steps, which is of course the purpose of the entire book.  Erna
  • It’s an amazingly well-written book that is both informative and entertaining. I really love the information and biography combo, and initially started reading Karel’s story thinking I would perhaps be able to extract one or two tips in regard to time management – a real interest to embark on my very own 4-hour workweek journey was not (yet) present. This changed during my read (to be precise: on page 93). All the pieces fell into place, I suddenly saw possibilities! I definitely gained one or two tips, but I also got so much more out of it. The book offers tangible ideas that I will definitely use concerning the future of my company. Karlijn Kwint

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